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There is no condition that should be excluded from the repertoire of Homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathic medicine is a complete medical science with which any illness or underlying condition in any human being of any age can be treated.

Herbal Medicine

Homeopathic Medicine

The holistic approach of Homeopathic medicine through the use of natural remedies includes treatment of physical, mental and emotional affections. While looking to understand the cause of the illness on a physical or physiological basis, appreciating the role the mind and emotions play, and the way in which they influence our day to day life and illness are central to Homeopathic treatment. This understanding of the mental and emotional component of illness affords Homeopathic medicine a unique stance in treating these types of illnesses with great success. If you have been looking for an alternative to antibiotic treatment with natural medicine, Homeopathy should be your first choice.

Part of our treament approach in to ensure we have a comprehensive undertand of your health and may recommend clinical laboratory tests and investigations to know more about your health.

Homeopathy, by its mechanism of action, has the ability to:

  • Stimulate the repair of any damage which the body has the potential to heal.
  • Stimulate the regulatory mechanisms, restoring balance to systems that are either over functioning (Hyper) or under functioning (Hypo). This includes the over activity of glands (i.e. the endocrine / hormonal system), the immune system (i.e. autoimmune diseases / allergies) as well as neurological problems that can involve mood swings, depression and various other psychological illnesses.
  • Strengthen the bodies own immune system to overcome infections and enable the body to be better equipped to ward off future infections. (E.g. Chronic or recurrent infections.)
  • Enabling mechanisms involved in recovery and restoration of health to function at their optimum during convalescence after long standing illness, surgery or any other situation that has lead to depleted health or ability for the body to recover.

Homeopathic Materia Medica

Due to the success and virtually limitless range of conditions that can be treated, Homeopathic practitioners often end up treating a vast range of ailments that cater for entire families as well as more severe affections not commonly encountered, using an individually selected natural remedy.

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