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Homeopathic Scope of Practice

The legal definition for the Scope of Homeopathic practice According to the Allied Health Professions Act, 1982 (Act 63 of 1982) is:

  • A registered Homeopath may diagnose, and treat or prevent, physical and mental disease, illness or deficiencies in humans;
  • Administer, prescribe, dispense or compound medicine; or
  • Provide or prescribe treatment for such disease illness or deficiencies in humans.

This enables Homeopathic practitioners the responsibility and competency to provide healthcare services as primary healthcare providers and not just supportive or complimentary healthcare treatment. This in turn provides patient assurance in sound clinical assessment, diagnosis and management, together with prescription of Homeopathic medicine to the highest standard for effective treatment and prevention.

This scope incorporates laboratory testing, clinical diagnosis, ongoing management and patient care. Together with referral and interdisciplinary collaboration in a multicentric approach for the welfare of the patient, while utilitsing time-honoured natural medicines of Homeopathy.

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