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Clinical laboratory Tests & Investingations

Within the field of Homeopathic Medicine we offer a wholistic approach to health, with this in mind we use a wide variety of tests and investigation to understand all aspects of your health.

We only work with accredicited and certified laborataries that offer a range of blood tests, hair analysis, saliva and more to investigate everything from allergies (including food sensitivity), to vitamin and minerals, viral and bacterial infections, immune responses, autoimmune diseases, heavy metal toxicity, GUT health, and functional health testing through to DNA analysis and more.

Below are some of the accredited labs that we work with. Please free to get in touch with us should you have any questions or require any help with investigation your healthcare needs.

DNA Testing


Now more than ever, DNA testing is a healthcare tool that enables you to know your body and empowers you to make smarter choices. Once you know your risks, deficiencies and needs, you can address those and build a healthier body. What’s more, you’ll be empowered to protect yourself against the risks of Cancer, Heart Disease, Obesity, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and many other conditions.

No two people share the same DNA. You are entirely unique. The best way to understand what your body truly needs is by testing your DNA. We work closely with one of South Africa’s leading DNA companies which gives you the freedom to understand your unique genetic make-up, unlocking the keys to your health, wellness, skin, sport, immune system, pharmacological needs and more.

Our DNA test is one of the simplest and most painless tests to take, because no drawing of blood is involved. A saliva swab, taken inside your mouth cheeks contains enough data to provide you with detailed information. We can deliver the test kit to your home and send a courier to collect your sample, once it is ready.

The DNA testing laboratory is in South Africa, meaning your sample never leaves the country. All results are strictly confidential, shared only with you and with your healthcare provider with your permission.