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Homeopathy with over 200 years of clinical experience along with hundreds of research studies published in highly esteemed medical journals such as The Lancet, British Medical Journal, British, European and International Journals of Clinical Pharmacology, European Journal of Paediatrics, American Journal of Pain Management and Inflammation Research Journal and numerous others have confirmed Homeopathy’s effectiveness.

Studies on the effect of the Homeopathic remedy and what role it plays in treatment of ailments has been going on since the inception of Homeopathy.

In South Africa, all M. Tech. Hom. qualified Homeopaths have had to complete a mini-dissertation in their final year of study. This thesis is on a subject of their choice, and must be approved by the higher degree’s and ethics committees in each institution. This continued research allows for the continuous expansion and acknowledgement of research principles and requirements among its graduates.

Here are a few useful websites that may assist you in finding Homeopathic research. Should you be interested in some specific research on Homeopathic Medicine, feel free to contact me directly to assist you further.