The Homeopathic Clinic, Claremont, Cape Town

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How is Homeopathy better than other forms of medicine?

Homeopathy treats the underlying condition/s that lie beneath the presenting symptoms and conditions, with few or no side effects. No other therapy is as comprehensive in considering the mental emotional and physical elements of an individual as factors for the personalised treatment given.

Are Homeopaths opposed to Allopathic treatment?

Homeopathic practitioners recognise that there are many conditions and illnesses that require other medication and/or surgery, and are trained to recognise when to refer patients to medical practitioners including General practitioner and specialists. This also includes the recognition as to when to refer for special investigations, aiding in achieving a more comprehensive diagnosis.

Where can I get Homeopathic medicine?

All registered Homeopathic practitioners are legally required to complete a course in compounding and dispensing medicines which will enable them to stock their own medicines and to dispense and compound them as required. Alternatively, a Homeopathic practitioner not licensed to dispense and compound medicines will write a script for the patient and advise them where to collect their medication.

Are Homeopaths opposed to vaccination?

In order to make an informed decision, it is advisable to consult with your Homeopathic practitioner and/or General practitioner for as much information as possible regarding necessity, the safety and frequency required of any vaccination.

Does Homeopathy take a long time to work?

Depending on the duration of the illness and its severity, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to feel the effects of the medication. Acute conditions are often quick to respond to Homeopathic treatment but it is important to note that due to the nature of chronic conditions, it may take a longer time to restore health and balance and bring about cure. The Homeopathic practitioner should advise you on what to expect when taking any medication.

Can Homeopathy only treat common illnesses?

Homeopathy has proven to be effective in the treatment of common illnesses such as colds and influenza, but has equally effective results treating a wide range of other conditions, both acute and chronic.

Can Homeopathy be used on children and babies?

Homeopathy has proven to work effectively on children and babies, where the medicines are safe and effective enough to be administered by registered Homeopathic practitioners throughout the various phases of life.