The Homeopathic Clinic, Claremont, Cape Town

Is Homeopathy reimbursed by my Medical Aid?

Most medical aids provide reimbursement for Homeopathy including both consultation and medicines when they are provided by a registered Homeopathic practitioner. The National Health Reference Price List (NHRPL) is published annually in order to provide a reference/guideline to medical schemes on reimbursing Health Care providers such as Homeopathic practitioners. This allows all medical aid members (and potentially all South Africans) access to a reliable and effective form of medicine such as Homeopathy.

Health Care providers, including registered Homeopathic practitioners, are free to determine their own fee; however, if this amount is in excess of the NHRPL fees, the difference is for the member's personal account. Homeopathic practitioners may be contracted out of medical aids, meaning that they practice on a "cash basis" where the member settles all accounts directly with the practitioner, and then claims directly from their medical scheme. If you are unsure if your medical aid will reimburse you for Homeopathic treatment, it is best to contact them personally. (Our office can also assist you with this if unsure.)

This practice is contracted in to most medical aids and thus enables you to receive consultation and prescription medicines without having to pay cash. This is subject to your specific medical aid, policy and available funds. Please call our office with the relevant information to verify availability. (As available funds can change between validation and submission, please be aware that the individual is ultimately liable for any outstanding amounts.)